Video: ©Danyang Zhao 2013


Du und ich, gemischt

Toi et moi, mélangés

You and I, mixed together


Object-Performance (2000, MüvészetMalom, Hungary, mixed media, down-filled cushion, Hungarian paprika - whole and ground powder - black satin etc.)


Alouette, je te plumerai... (*)

Lerche, ich werde dich rupfen...

Lark, I will pluck you


Object-Performance (2001, netting wire, black feather boa, net)

(*) out of a French nursery rhyme


"Do you know what time of day it is?"


Performance (2004, Galerie Brötzinger Art, dress made of elastic fabric with handles, egg timers).

I stand motionless and my eyes shut in the gallery. After 30 minutes, I take the dress off and go out.


Ich gebe nur noch endgültige Darbietungen

Je ne donne plus que des représentations finales.

I now just give final performances.


Performance (2004, Galerie Brötzinger Art, gloves with sandpaper, microphone, amplifier, some of my favourite records)

I "play" some records with my gloves in the gallery.