This is an existential quest - can art... or anything else give a meaning to life? - The search for identity, one's own identity, always in relationship to the outside, the Other, society, rules, prejudices, taboos. This is also the story of the relation to the Other, where seduction always has an aftertaste of impossibility. Everyone has experienced this in some form or another. Nevertheless we would never stop longing for communication and communion with our fellow creatures.


Ambiguity is the point. The materials I choose to work with have qualities of flexibility, fragility, femininity or sensuality. I strive for a conscious ambiguity in my art that appeals to all the senses and plays with elements of eroticism. The original meaning and utility of the components are often drifted. Thus they acquire an intense emotional and symbolical charge. A tense atmosphere hovers in most of my works, between enhancing, precious / reducing, trivial.


My works are some kind of fairy tales, still in progress, where you keep opening further windows, unfolding an old piece of clothes. I like telling stories, of the unknown, of the unconscious as well as of every day’s life. Those stories remind us of the tragic-comical side of life, of Being. Fairy tales do not always come to a gentle end.

What seems to be at first sight some insignificant anecdote or personal story of the artist happens to belong to the life experience or the unconscious of everybody.

There exists no such things as innocence or coincidence.


Sandra Riche