I work with everyday objects and trivial, ordinary materials because "There is no true art without a strong dose of banality. Those who constantly bring the extraordinary into play quickly become weary, as nothing is more unbearable than the uniformity of the extraordinary." (E. M. Cioran, from "The Trouble with Being Born")


Memories, preserved relics, and found objects (objets trouvés) are also an important part of my work. I place them in a new context, transfer them into a different time, „translate“, interpret them and change their origin and meaning with humor or empathy.


I play with my objects and installations in an ironic interplay and push the delicate boundaries of reference through different materials. My works often unsettle the viewer, also because of the ambiguity of expression and material.


I like to see myself as a storyteller because my works often tell stories in order to overcome the tragicomedy of existence with humor or poetry.


Sandra Riche