Videos (Selection)


Après moi le déluge / After me the deluge / Nach mir die Sintflut


Video (2015, 4'35'', mini DV)

A metaphor about freeing oneself

my hands my home, my memories my homeland


Video-Performance (2013, 36'55'' to be played in an endless loop)



Entweichen / La fuite / Escape


Video (2012, 4'26'', mini DV)


short ride in a fast machine

Video (2007, 8'39'', mini DV)

This video is a metaphorical collage about time escaping, about getting older. At the same time it is also a kind of family story, a poetical  tribute.


haut-nah / under the skin

Video (2006, 13'04'', mini DV)

This Video is a parable about the search for the essence: the essence of things, the essence of human beings, the search for the core, the truth... A never ending quest everyone has to deal with on his own way in life. It is also, of course, a metaphor about the artist's way of working.

Erst im Winter werden die Tage länger

Only in winter do the days grow longer

C'est en hiver que les jours rallongent

Video (2005, 13'11'', mini DV)

This Video is inspired by the real story of an East-German couple, who resisted the oppression of the secret police of their country with the help of literature.

Komm! Man wird dir deine Prinzessin nach Maß schneidern...

Allez! On va te la coudre sur mesures ta princesse...

Come! Let us make you a princess to measure...

Video (2003, 17’08’’, mini DV)

At first, one sees/hears the needle of a sewing machine (close up). Then comes the same frame, but without sound and slowed down. Out of the dark appears a naked body behind the needle, like some sort of hallucination. 


Attention, le petit oiseau va sortir!

Watch the birdie!

Gleich kommt das Vögelchen!

 Video-Performance (2002, 7' 10'', Hi 8 digitalisiert)

object: copper wire and feathers

Performance: I crush down that object very slowly (within 7 minutes)